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"Weekend At Grandma's" is a wholesome Virtual Reality game where players help their Grandma set up her VCR to watch home movies! Grandma isn't very tech savvy, and needs help setting up setting up her VCR and TV to watch some VHS tapes. Connect cables to the right slots, change the TV's input, and insert objects into the VCR to see what Grandma has in store!

"Weekend At Grandma's" is created by Grandma's Favorite Indie, a development group consisting of queer and trans young'uns who seek to provide wholesome, enjoyable experiences that speak to all groups of people! Developed over the course of several months, "Weekend At Grandma's" is their first shipped title representing fun, cute, healthy familial relationships with supportive relatives.

Design/Programming: Justin Carpentre (https://justincarpenter.itch.io/), Cole Bonnema (https://www.colebonnema.com/), Parker Hamilton (www.parkerhams.com)

Art and Modeling: Amanda Wylie (amandawylieart.com), Thorne Drwal (https://itch.io/profile/twd624),  Issac Young

Narrative Design and Writing: Dan Steinmetz (dansteinmetz.com)

Music and Composition: Alex Riak

Sound: Ami Patel, James Post, Cole Kreuger


WeekendAtGrandmas.apk 153 MB

Install instructions

Developed for the Oculus Quest.

To install the game, you must install it to your Oculus Quest. Ensure it is set to Developer Mode.

Download HERE via SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/329

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